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Women's underwear & briefs

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    Underwear for everyday comfort and security

    When you reach for your base layers, don’t forget the layer that sits even closer to your skin. Comfortable underwear is vital to feeling good in whatever you’re doing, so make sure you’ve got a set that doesn’t get in your way.

    No matter your style or comfort preferences, there’s a set of underwear that’ll keep you moving (or relaxing, if it’s that kind of day). A bikini style offers lighter coverage, while briefs give you a little more fabric for added comfort. If you’re looking for something longer and looser, our selection of briefs and boxers is the place to look.

    Don’t forget your top half, either – picking out the right bra can make or break a day outdoors. Sports bras will offer the support to get you through a more active day, while more casual options are great for a day out when you’re just looking for a comfy base layer.

    Keep an eye out for underwear made with recycled or organically grown materials. Options like antimicrobial treatments help you stay fresher longer, and removable cups in our bra selection let you customize your comfort. These are the little details that’ll make sure you’re as comfortable as possible with your selection.