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Casual jackets

Keep it casual

Uber-technical, high-performance gear is all well and good — it’s great, even. But sometimes you just want to be the best-dressed person at the grocery store. We’ve all been there, so pick up a casual jacket to throw on over any outfit and start turning heads from the deli to the produce aisle. Just remember to grab your reusable shopping bags before you head out the door.

Jackets for rest day romps

A good casual jacket is a piece that’ll help you pull together outfits once the cooler weather comes. Layer them over long sleeve shirts, button-ups or dresses and jumpsuits to create a versatile and cozy camp-casual look. For date night, a leisurely stroll in the park or taking the dog for a walk, turn to that trusty casual coat of yours and step out in style.

Dress for success

Looking to incorporate that new outer layer into a day hike-friendly ensemble? No problem — our guide to layering for outdoor activities will help take your casual jacket out of the city for some backcountry fun. And if you need your jacket to keep you warm and dry, we’ve got plenty of advice in this article on how to choose a rain jacket.