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Windbreakers & lightweight jackets

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    Wind breakers to keep you warm and comfortable

    When the wind picks up in the shoulder seasons and it’s too mild for a heavy-duty jacket, a wind breaker is exactly what you want to reach for. Like a rain jacket, a wind breaker is there to protect you from the elements so you can spend your day outside in comfort.

    A wind breaker is a top layer shell jacket. They work great as part of a layering system or alone. They’re also versatile and work in a variety of weather and temperature conditions. Throw a wind breaker over your shirt when the wind picks up on a mild day, or pile it over base layers and sweaters for some serious warmth retention without the bulk of a heavy jacket.

    Looking for even more protection? Make sure to grab a wind breaker with a hood to keep your hair under control and your ears warm. In light rain, a wind breaker with a durable water repellent coating will keep you comfortable. And if you’ll be out when visibility is low, a wind breaker with reflective details can help keep you seen and safe.