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Heated socks to keep your feet cozy

Even the thickest, warmest pair of socks don’t always cut it. Whether you’re headed into extreme cold conditions or just always find yourself with chilly toes, a pair of heated socks might be the tool you’re missing in your arsenal.

Heated socks are exactly what they sound like: socks equipped with a battery pack and heating tech to keep those feet warm. They can make a huge difference on cold nights or when you’re stationary in extreme weather, both for comfort while you rest and to protect your feet.

Heated socks come in a variety of options depending on your preferences and the shape of your feet. Keep an eye out for different fits and materials to meet your needs. You can also buy extra socks or battery packs to make sure you’re always prepared.

To keep your hands cozy, too, some heated gloves and mittens will get you set. And if you’re looking for the flexibility to add warmth to any pair of socks or gloves, try our selection of hand and toe warmers. For more tips for staying comfy in all kinds of weather, check out our article on staying warm and sleeping warm while camping.