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Socks of all kinds to keep your feet happy

The right pair of socks can be the difference maker in a day outside. Uncomfortable feet – whether they’re cold, hot, wet or sore – are hard to ignore, so make sure you’ve got the right socks for the job.

Starting with the lightest options, running socks will keep your feet cool and comfortable when you’re ready to pound the pavement or trail. Similarly, cycling socks offer a close fit to avoid dragging down your ride.

When you’re gearing up for a longer outing or plan to be on your feet for a while, grab a pair of hiking socks. With a variety of padding options to suit your preferences and materials ranging from cozy Merino wool to easy to wash acrylic, there’s a pair for every trail and every condition.

Preparing for a cold day? Our selection of liner socks, ski socks and heated socks will keep you cozy and comfortable. Liner socks allow for layering and protect you from blisters. Ski socks are engineered specifically to keep you comfy and warm in ski boots. Heated socks are for the coldest days when even your thickest wool pair aren’t quite enough.

Finally, if you’re just looking to hit the town or relax at home, check out our casual socks. With similar material options as more technical socks, they also offer fun patterns and a variety of cuts to make sure you can stay stylish and comfortable.