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Bike bells and horns

The importance of a bike bell

As a cyclist you must ensure you are seen and heard to practice proper road safety. Letting others know you are getting close can reduce the chances of an accident.

Bike bells are vital in places where noise runs rampant, if you are a city commuter who rides on the road having a bell is as important as wearing a helmet. The ring of the bell allows drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists to know that you are around, and it gives them time to prepare their next moves. A bell is also useful when riding trails on your mountain bike. Mountain bike trails are often populated with other cyclists, runners and walkers. Letting others know you are coming full steam ahead can help reduce the risk of an accident and keep the trails safe for everyone.

Practicing proper road safety does not end with bells. Making sure you have lights that will help drivers and others notice that you are around will improve your personal road safety score and give you and others peace of mind.