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    Choosing the right bike light

    Riding without lights during any kind of commute puts you at risk. Having a front and rear light will keep you safe on the roads at any time of the day.

    The lights are usually mounted on the handlebar and the seat post and there are loads of different types of lights that you can buy.

    Some lights require a new battery after a certain amount of time underuse and some lights are rechargeable. The lights that require a new battery will have a longer burn time when riding but the battery will need replacing. A rechargeable battery does not have the same burn time as a battery powered light, but you won’t have to replace the battery.

    Lights also come with different settings consisting of a low beam, high beam, and flash. The different settings run at different burn times so it's important to know which setting you have your light on during your ride.

    When shopping for bike lights, keep an eye out on the lumens the light could shine at. If you’ll be riding through well-lit roads, a light with higher lumens won’t be necessary. But if you are riding through dark roads, then search for a light that can shine brighter and farther.

    If you are still wondering which bike light works best for you, check out our guide on choosing the right bike light.