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Bike helmets and body armour

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Practice safety first with bike helmets and body protection

If there’s one thing worth protecting while out on your ride, it’s your noggin’. Helmets protect your head with a hard shell between you and whatever it might come into contact with. Inside the hard plastic layer is a sheet of thick foam that helps absorb the force of impact, reducing the amount of force that your head is taking on.

Helmets come in two different styles – half-face helmets and full-face helmets. Half-face helmets let you hear and see the world around you clearly since they sit just on top of your head. They’re lighter and more comfortable. These types of helmets are great for road biking where there are fewer obstacles in your path, and you need better visibility around you.

For thorough protection on rough terrain – like mountain biking, full-face helmets offer a solid shell from the tip of your head to the bottom of your chin. The full coverage prevents wind noises when you’re zooming down the mountain but can also feel warmer and heavier.

For extra protection, a helmet cover with reflective details lights you up in the night so you’re visible to oncoming cars and other cyclists. The features of a helmet aren’t the only way they protect you – it’s also important that your helmet fits just right.

Pair your helmet with elbow and knee protection to cover every chance of impact.