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Bike chain lube & grease

Bike lubricants and grease

You might be on this page because your chain is starting to look coffee stained and your headset is squeaking like a tiny mouse, if so, you are one step closer to a cleaner more lubricated bike.

The different types of bike lubricants you could buy are either wet, dry, all-weather, wax or ceramic.

A wet lube is for riding in wet or muddy conditions. Dry lube is a lighter lubricant, that could be applied more often and washes off easily. An all-weather lubricant is a hybrid mix between wet and dry lube, good for full season riders.

Wax lubricant is a dry lube that is made with no oil or grease, the benefit is that it does not attract dirt buildup. A ceramic lubricant is wax based and last longer than the wax lubricant.

Chain lube helps with friction as your chain moves along the drivetrain system. It is important to regularly lube and clean your chain. If you want a great guide on how to lube and clean your bike chain read over this article.

Bike grease helps keep the moving parts fluid and helps the stationary parts from seizing on your bike. When looking for grease make sure to check what part of the bike the grease is meant for. Just like bike lubricants, bike grease is situational so knowing ahead of time what you want to grease is important before buying any.

If the cracks and creaks continue after applying grease or lubricant, visit your local MEC bike shop.