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Choosing the right full suspension bike

Full suspension bikes will give you the confidence needed to shred trails like a pro. They provide extra comfort, smooth handling and tire grip that will help you conquer any terrain.

Full suspension bikes use many components, their most important being the suspension system, the drivetrain components, brakes, and wheels. Knowing what you want out of your full suspension bike will help you in your selection process.

If comfort is your focus, looking for a bike with an excellent quality air suspension system is key. Air suspension helps you adapt to different terrains with a lower chance of bottoming out. Also, the frame’s design plays a key part in how the suspension system will impact your ride.

Nothing feels better than shredding trails at high speeds. If that’s your focus, then getting a drivetrain system with a highly efficient gear system that targets many speed ranges is a must.

Handling and stopping power are important for technical riders who want to hit difficult trails. All modern-day full suspension mountain bikes come with disc brakes, but you have the option to choose between mechanical or hydraulic brakes. The more efficient brake system is the hydraulic disc brake system, due to their sealed fluid system that reduces friction and increases stopping power.

Getting a flat tire while mountain biking is a common situation every rider experiences. Buying tires with puncture protection from all the elements the trail throws at you is necessary. You could also take the extra step and seek out mountain bikes that come with “tubeless ready” rims so you can equip your full suspension bike into an offroad tank ready for anything.

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