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Cycling sunglasses to protect your eyes while you’re in the saddle

When you’re trying to focus on the terrain under your tires, nothing is more distracting than when you’re riding into the sun. A bike helmet with a visor can help a little, but for serious eye protection that’ll help you stay focused and protected from the sun, a pair of cycling sunglasses is what you’re looking for.

Types of cycling sunglasses

The kind of sunglasses you’re looking for might depend on what kind of cycling you’re doing. If you’re feeling more recreational, a pair of casual sunglasses are a great option. They’ll protect your eyes and have the added benefit of being stylish enough to wear on and off your bike. For a more serious fit that’s built for durability and specialized for cycling, try a pair of sport sunglasses that’ll stay right where you need them for your entire ride.

Care and accessories

If you want to make sure your cycling sunglasses last a long time, don’t forget the accessories that’ll help you keep them in top form. Straps, cleaning and cases cover a variety of accessories and tools to keep your sunglasses clean and in one piece. Replacement lenses give you the option to customize your sunglasses and adjust your lenses to changing conditions outside.