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Hiking sandals

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    Hiking sandals for breathable support on the go

    When the weather gets warmer, sometimes you want to go on a hike without the commitment of lugging a big pair of hiking boots or hiking shoes up the trail with you. It makes sense, and that’s where hiking sandals come in clutch.

    Hiking sandals are designed with the cushion and support of your conventional hiking shoe, paired with the breathability of a sandal. (And not to mention a fraction of the bulk.) When you’re up against wet conditions, the lightweight construction of hiking sandals lets them dry quicker so you can press on with maximum comfort and minimal squelch.

    But how do you pick the right hiking sandals? Things like weight, construction, and overall aesthetic might factor into your decision. There’s a wide range of styles to choose from, including durable, protective Keen sandals and more minimalistic Tevas. Many hiking sandals are made with recycled materials for those with sustainability in mind. And if it’s important to you that your sandals are treated to prevent odours, you might look into a pair of hiking sandals with antimicrobial treatment.

    Now that you’ve got the scoop on hiking sandals, it’s time to pick out a pair, grab your day pack and hit the trail.