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Running accessories to help you perform your best

Picking out the right footwear is vital to running in comfort, but what about the rest of your outfit? Running accessories can add a bit of extra convenience to your training routine, whether you’re running inside or out.

What’s just as important as finding the right shoes? Having a good pair of running socks to match. Pick your preferred cut, height and material to find the ones that’ll work best for you.

Hats and headwear for running are great for sun protection as well as staying warm in colder weather. Find one that’ll stay where you need it to no matter how much you pick up your pace and you’ll be all set.

Heading out on a sunny day? Even if the clouds roll in, a pair of sport sunglasses will protect your eyes and help you focus on the ground beneath your feet, with sturdy construction and comfortable fits that won’t distract you from your training.

For running in low visibility conditions, armbands and reflective straps can help you stay seen. They’re a great safety tool to have on hand, so don’t skip out.

Finally, for cold days, running and fitness gloves can save your fingers. No more stuffing your hands in your pockets or under your arms at every crosswalk – being warm and comfortable means you can focus on your run.