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Running and fitness jackets to stay warm while you train

Whether you’re just warming up at the start of a run or staving off the cold weather, running and fitness jackets are a great solution for those moments when you want to get outside when the temperature dips. After all, what’s a little brisk weather when you’ve got a workout to finish?

Running and fitness jackets are built to keep you comfortable and mobile. Keep an eye out for features common to this style: short cuts, lightweight designs and breathable materials.

There are running and fitness jackets for all types of weather, so you can make sure you’re prepared for the worst. Windproof options are great for those chilly fall mornings, and waterproof ones will keep you moving through a bit of rain. For extra warmth, insulated jackets can keep you cozy while you work up a sweat. Want to avoid the bulk of a puffy jacket or vest? A fleece jacket is a great compromise and helps keep you from overheating.

When you’re getting ready for training, make sure you’ve got the right pair of running shoes to carry you, too. Need a heavier top layer? Check out our full range of jackets for more all-seasons options.