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Yoga gear to help you get in the zone

You’ve got your mat, your music and a peaceful spot to find your centre. What else do you need to get through a yoga session? The clothes that’ll keep you comfortable and moving throughout, so you can focus on getting just the right amount of stretch in your next pose.

You’ve got a few major factors to consider with your yoga gear. Comfort is paramount – you want clothes that’ll move with you, not get in your way. Look for options that include materials like spandex for a lot of stretch factor, especially in your yoga pants – you don’t want to be hitting those deep lunches in jeans.

Coverage is another thing to keep in mind. Personal comfort can help you decide things like whether you want a full-length tight or something that gives your knees some breathing room, but a high, secure waist is always something to keep an eye out for. The last thing you want to worry about is a wardrobe malfunction when you’re trying to unwind.

For one more layer of comfort in your yoga tops, consider options with antimicrobial treatments that’ll keep you feeling fresh. Worry more about hitting the pose just right and less about how you smell while you do it.