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Snow analysis & study

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    Test your terrain

    When you’re skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing in avalanche country, it’s always in your best interest to conduct some periodic analyses of your snowy surroundings. Here, you’ll find gear to help you classify snow crystals, evaluate snowpacks and measure slope angles.

    Paired with proper avalanche training and certification, these tools are an essential for anyone venturing out into what could potentially be avalanche terrain. Better safe than sorry, as the saying goes.

    To ski, or not to ski — that is the question

    We’re big proponents of looking before you leap over here, so invest in some tools to help you study those snow-capped mountains before you hit the slopes. Aim to carry a variety of supplies including a thermometer, a magnifying loupe, a slope meter, a collapsible ruler and a crystal card. Armed with these trusty tools, you and your backcountry buds will be able to make educated choices about where (and where not) to ski.

    Snow safety 101

    Once you’ve got your snow analysis kit in order, it’s time to round out the rest of your backcountry kit. Avalanche safety gear like shovels, probes and beacons will help your group stay safe in case of an emergency, and our avalanche safety gear and training guide will link you to up-to-date sources for avalanche training for you and your group.