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Ski base layers

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Bundle up

Before hitting the slopes, it's important to bundle up with base layers. These layers play a major role in improving your comfort, performance, and safety while skiing. There are base layers available for both your lower and upper body, which go under your ski jacket and snow pants.

As you shred the slopes, your body temperature rises, leading to sweat. Base layers come to the rescue by effectively wicking moisture away from your skin. This keeps you dry and prevents the build-up of sweat, reducing discomfort and that dreaded back sweat.

Not only do base layers prevent moisture build-up, but they also supply excellent insulation and warmth. Materials like merino wool are effective in keeping your body warm while remaining lightweight and comfortable. In addition, base layers ensure breathability, allowing for proper temperature regulation even in shifting weather conditions.

A well-designed layering system is important for comfort, moisture management, insulation, and breathability. By layering correctly, you can enjoy a full day on the slopes while keeping a comfortable and warm body temperature throughout. For more detailed guidance on choosing the right base layers, check out our article.