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Ski tuning and tools

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Tune up for shredding season with ski tuning and tools

Your skis need a bit of TLC from time to time to keep them mountain or trail ready. Here’s a few tips for keeping your skis in tip top shape:

  • Use a ski wax stand - These stands provide stability and security, letting you easily access the base and edges of your skis.

  • Start with a good base cleaner - Base cleaners scrub off any dirt and grime, preparing them for waxing.

  • When choosing a ski wax, consider the type of snow you ski on, your skiing style, any sustainable options, and don’t forget you can always test out a wax or two before finding your go-to wax.

  • Your skis edges play a vital role in providing control, grip and stability on the snow and debris can cause them to become dull, so keep them sharp with edge tuning tools during your maintenance routine.

Now that you’re prepared for your next ski pampering sesh, shop all the tools and waxes you need from brands like Swix, Kuu and Salomon.