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Squeaky clean skis

Keep your skis performing at their best with ski base cleaners and ski tuning tools. After a full season on the slopes your skis tend to accumulate nicks, debris and wax residue. Ski base cleaners help remove the contaminants from your skis so you can glide smoothly and keep your skis performing like new.

Using a ski base cleaner makes cleaning your skis easier and more time efficient. Ski base cleaners are easy to use and apply. A full ski base cleaner kit comes with a brush, a scraper and a cleaning solution either in a spray form or liquid form.

Once you have cleaned the base of your skis everything else becomes a lot easier. Tasks such as waxing become a lot more efficient because the wax absorption during the process is enhanced by a fresh clean ski base. A clean ski base allows for more wax to seep into the base, which leads to a longer lasting wax job.

Cleaning your ski base is simple and could be done at home, saving you trips to the ski shop during the busy seasons. Learning how to wax your skis will also keep you on the slopes longer. Check out this article on how to wax your skis to keep your skis in order.