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Snowshoes, base layers, mitts and more to shift from fall hikes to snow covered trails.

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Snowshoeing gear to prepare you for a day on the trails

Ready to try snowshoeing or just stocking up for your next trip? We’ve got all the snowshoeing gear you need to be ready for your winter hike.

Let’s start with the basics: snowshoes. Options vary by intended use and experience level, so make sure to browse the selection to get exactly what you’re looking for. Poles are optional and up to personal preference, but backcountry ski poles and baskets or snowshoe poles can help with balance and muscle fatigue, to name just a couple of benefits.

You want to make sure you’re dressed right when you set out, too. Snowshoe and snow clothing is a great place to start, and the active winter boots that you wear with your snowshoes can make sure you spend your day in comfort. If you want to keep the snow on the ground and out of your boots, gaiters are also a great option.

For a little extra preparedness, a pair of traction devices for snowsports offer an ice-friendly alternative when the snow isn’t quite deep enough for your snowshoes. Snowshoe accessories are those few extra odds and ends that can make your day go just a little smoother. And for something to carry it all, check out ski and snowboard backpacks that are specialized for convenience in winter sports.