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Outdoor blankets and quilts to stay cozy anywhere

If there’s one thing that can ruin a day out, it’s catching a chill. Whether you’re curling up by the campfire or hunkering down in a hostel, it never hurts to pack with warmth in mind. Grabbing an outdoor blanket or quilt to take on your trip can go a long way towards making sure it’s a good one.

Besides being warm, what should you look for in a camping or travel blanket? Two things: durability and packability. Ideally, your blanket can stand up to a little rough treatment or exposure to the outdoors, whether you’re fighting off sand, dirt or morning dew. And packability is paramount, especially when you’ve got limited space. Blankets and quilts with down filling pack down small, especially if you’ve got a compression bag or stuff sack to help.

Keep an eye out for blankets with more specialized features. Clips or Velcro can turn them into wearable capes, while others have built in pockets or sleeves to make it even easier to take your bed with you when you get up.

Looking for more ways to get comfortable? Don’t forget to pack your travel pillow or camping pillow for somewhere soft to rest your head.