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Toiletry bags are a packing essential for keeping your toiletries organized and accessible, but before you make a purchase, consider some of these factors to help you find the perfect toiletry bag:


Choose a size based on how long your trip is and how many items you're planning on bringing. If it's a small getaway, a small toiletry bag will do. For longer trips choose a bigger toiletry bag that you can fit more items into.


Look for a toiletry bag with different compartments to help you organize toiletries, makeup, grooming tools and to make clean up of any spills easier.


Look for durable and water resistant materials to protect your toiletries from leaks and spills. Materials like nylon, vinyl and polyester are good choices.

Hanging vs flat

Some toiletry bags can be hung on hooks or towel bars, whereas some are designed to be stored flat on countertops. If you'd prefer to hang yours to save counter space, look for a toiletry bag with a sturdy hook or hang feature.


Most toiletry bags close up with a zipper, but some close with other mechanisms like drawstrings and Velcro. Zippers provide the best security and stop items from falling out.


Some toiletry bags come fully transparent or with transparent windows or compartments. This can help you find items stored inside without having to open it up.

TSA compliant

If you're planning on taking your toiletry bag in your carry on luggage, check the TSA requirements to make sure your bag is compliant.


While practicality is important, you also want to choose a toiletry bag that you love. There are loads of different styles and colours to choose from, so buy one that you vibe with.