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Packing cubes and travel organizers

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    Compression packing cubes and travel organizers

    There’s no avoiding it: packing is a necessary part of any outing, and it can single-handedly make or break your trip. There’s a world of difference between tearing apart your whole pack looking for your toothbrush and knowing exactly where it is and how to get to it. That’s where being prepared with packing cubes and travel organizers will save the day.

    Compression packing cubes are a great solution for keeping your clothes organized in your suitcase. Imagine having all your hiking socks gathered up in one tidy, zippered cube, instead of digging to the farthest bottom corner of your bag and still coming up with only half a pair. Packing cubes also allow you to pack away ready-made outfits: gather your rain gear into a cube for a quick start to those misty days on the water.

    For smaller items, packing sleeves keep important things separate from the mess. Organizer bags and toiletry bags allow further neatness, with internal pockets that keep those small essentials right where you need them to be. To add even more convenience, pick up travel-sized bottles and cannisters – great for those trips that aren’t long enough to justify bringing all your shampoo.

    With the big things ready to go – and money belts and RFID wallets set to complete your travel loadout – you’re ready to go wherever the journey takes you.

    Choosing the right packing cubes and organizers

    When it comes to choosing the right packing cubes and organizers, there's a couple of things worth considering before you make a purchase:

    Size and quantity

    Packing cubes and organizers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so think about what sizes you need and how many. This depends on the kind of items you're planning on packing and how big those items are. Choose sizes that would best fit your luggage and packing style.

    Type of packing cube or organizer

    Packing cubes and organizers can come in different varieties based on the item you'd like to store. For example if you'll be packing shoes consider a shoe bag, or for toiletries, buy a toiletry bag.


    Look for durable and lightweight materials and consider water resistant or waterproof materials to protect your items if you think there's a chance they could get wet.

    Compression sacks and compression features

    Some packing cubes can compress items to help you maximize space. This is a good feature to look out for if you need to pack bulkier clothes and creating space an issue for you.

    Closing mechanism

    Different packing cubes close up in different ways, from zippers to drawstrings, velcro or buckle closures, think about which closing mechanism you'd prefer.

    Transparent panels

    Some packing cubes come with a transparent or mesh window so you can easily see and locate items without having to open and dig through everything.

    Colour coding

    Buy packing cubes in different colours to colour code them for different types of items to stay even more organized.