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Kayak paddles to get you moving on the water

Once you’ve got your kayak picked out, you’re almost ready to hit the water. A kayak paddle will make sure you can get around once you’re there.

Kayak paddles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the basics are the same across models: unlike a canoe paddle with one blade at the end of the shaft, a kayak paddle is composed of a much longer shaft with a blade at each end.

From there, kayak paddles branch out in their designs. Materials range from sturdy options like fiberglass and aluminum to lightweight ones like carbon and plastic blends. Differences in the shapes and angles of the paddle blades allow seasoned veterans to pick just the right paddle for their style of movement. And whether you’re a confident kayaker or just getting started, paddles with adjustable blades let you find what feels right for the moment.

For whitewater kayakers, look out for a whitewater kayaking paddle to match your boat. They focus on power and performance, keeping you in control when the water fights back. For other types of kayaks, a touring paddle will cover the bases you’re looking for – adjustable length and blade options, paddles that break down for storage, and a variety of options between durability, weight, and price point.