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    Kayaks for water-bound exploration

    When the water calls, there’s a kayak ready to answer. With an emphasis on self-powered exploration, a kayak is your go-to for getting around efficiently in the water. Quicker, lighter and more maneuverable than a canoe, they’ll get you where you want to be – and provide a great workout on the way.

    For beginners, a recreational kayak is a great place to start. With a good balance of features making it approachable for newbies and comfortable for more experienced kayakers, it covers your bases. Similarly, an inflatable kayak is a versatile option that allows you to pack and store your kayak when you’re on the go.

    For longer trips that have you on the water all day, a touring kayak will keep you going. They put the focus on comfort and ample storage space for your gear, plus a longer hull that’ll have you gliding with each stroke.

    Whitewater kayaks are for the adrenaline seekers. They’re built tough to take on rough waters. Shorter hulls with wide bottoms allow for maneuverability around nasty obstacles. They sit low in the water, too, making it easier to cut through choppy waves.

    Finally, a sit-on-top kayak focuses on comfort and stability. Cutting the closed-in cockpit of a regular kayak, the sit-on-top is easier to enter and exit and harder to tip. More freedom for the paddler means a more comfortable ride, and specific models can offer the benefits of other kayak styles.