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Kayak portage carts

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    Portage carts for kayaks for an easy trip to the water

    You’re ready for your day on the water. You’ve made it as far as your car can take you, and now it’s time to get your kayak to the launch site. Whether you’re looking for an easy start (or end) to your day or just want a little extra confidence for your portage, a portage cart is a great option to ease the way.

    A portage cart is a simple tool that’ll fold up in your trunk when you’re not using it. Just load up your kayak and pull it with you as you walk. They’re built to last and even come in ultralight varieties for the gram-conscious traveler. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for extra and replacement parts, too, so you won’t be stuck dealing with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.

    Looking to learn more about safely moving your kayak? Check out our article on how to transport a kayak or canoe to get started. And don’t forget the racks, straps and locks that’ll keep everything secured on your way to the water.