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Kayak accessories for that little extra something on your trip

You’ve got your kayak, your kayak paddle and your PFD – what’s left to grab before you set out on the water? Our selection of kayak accessories will make sure you’ve got those last few little things that make your trip as easy and comfortable as possible.

For the walk between the car and the lake, kayak transportation carts save you time and energy, meaning you’ve got plenty of both to spare for those long days of paddling. Save yourself trouble on the water with kayak floatation bags, designed to keep you afloat in case your kayak’s hull is breached. And if that does happen, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a water pump on hand to bail yourself out.

Tow lines and paddle leashes are great to have on hand when you want to avoid being separated from the important things (like your paddle… or your boat). They can also help in rescue scenarios if you’re heading out with a friend, so keep an eye open for kits that’ll provide all the tools you need to respond to a crisis.

Not everything needs to be for an emergency. Deck lights give you and everyone around you better visibility at night, and storage hardware will make your life a little easier when it’s time to put your kayak away.