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Paddle board accessories

Paddleboard accessories to smooth out your ride

With your paddleboard picked out, your SUP paddle secured and your PFD tightened, you’re just about ready to hit the water. For those last few details that’ll make your day go smoothly, check out some paddleboarding accessories to get you there.

Leashes and attachments make sure that if you fall off your paddleboard, it doesn’t get away from you in the chaos. A leash is a great safety measure to make sure you can keep your board close and your hands free while you remount – just make sure to keep an eye on your paddle.

Paddleboard fins are great options for replacement parts or when you want to customize your board. Different fins will get your better performance on different outings. If you want to bring your board from all-day touring to a casual cottage paddle, having different fins on hand to accommodate you is the way to go.

Paddleboard pumps are your best friend when it comes to inflatable paddleboards. Pick out a pump that works for you to make the inflation process quick and easy, so you can think less about the hassle and more about your day on the water.