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How to choose a SUP paddle

While SUP paddles have a resemblance to kayak paddles and canoe paddles, there are key features that make them distinct for paddling upright through lakes and rivers.

SUP paddles have a single blade that’s large and wide. They are also longer so they can reach the water from a standing position.

While any SUP paddle might do, there are a few specs and features to consider before choosing your next SUP paddle:

  • Paddle length: Paddle length is determined by your height and the type of paddling you're doing; check out the specs of the paddle you're interested in to choose the best paddle length for you, or opt for an adjustable paddle.

  • Paddle material: Paddle shafts are typically made of aluminum, fiberglass or carbon fiber; aluminum is most affordable but not the lightest option, fiberglass offers a balance between durability and weight, and carbon fiber paddles are the lightest option.

  • Paddle blade size and shape: Your paddling power and efficiency can be affected by your blade; a smaller blade is easier to handle and can make for more relaxed paddling.

Ultimately, the best SUP paddle for you is the paddle that feels the best in your hands. Get out on the water and try out some SUP paddles to find your new paddleboarding companion from brands like Level Six, Cannon Paddles, Accent and NRS.