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Put water safety first with PFDs

Heading out on the water? Whether you’re kayaking on rapids or paddleboarding on calm lakes – you'll want to be wearing a PFD. Short for personal flotation device, PFDs keep your head above water when you’ve gone overboard.

The standard PFD is filled with thick foam that creates the buoyancy keeping you afloat. These PFDs can get bulky and hot, but you can take them out for all activities on the water. Bonus – they also usually have pockets on the front to store some sunscreen and snacks.

Inflatable PFDs keep you afloat by manually filling up with air, or by pulling a string that activates a CO2 cartridge. They’re super slim when uninflated, keeping you cool and comfy – perfect for some chill kayaking or paddleboarding. However, these PFDs aren’t recommended for high impact activities. If you’ve already activated the CO2 cartridge once but need to use your PFD again, just pick up a new CO2 cartridge and follow the instructions for re-arming your PFD. Inflatable PFDs come in the classic design that wears as a vest, but also as a belt pack so you can move without restriction.

Head over to our article on how to choose a PFD for more info on how to fit your PFD and learn about PFD maintenance.