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    About wetsuits

    Whether you’re a surfer, swimmer or paddler, wetsuits help keep you warm in cool water by securing a thin layer of water over the body that warms up with your body heat and locks it in.

    Neoprene is the key to locking in body heat. It’s a durable and waterproof synthetic rubber used in waterproof and insulating watersports clothing and accessories. Neoprene is flexible to keep you paddling, surfing and swimming freely. For full coverage, pair your wetsuit with neoprene boots and neoprene headwear.

    Different wetsuit styles offer varying levels of warmth. For sunny spring days where the water still hasn’t fully heated up, a long john/jane wetsuit keeps everything except your arms toasty. Keeping your arms free, if the weather allows, is ideal for paddlers or watersports that need more mobility. Ultimately, the style you choose is up to you and how cold you can tolerate. Always practice water safety and understand how cold water can affect you.

    Check out our article on how to choose a wetsuit where we get into the nitty gritty of neoprene and wetsuit fit. Once you’ve picked the wetsuit for you, head over to wetsuit and neoprene care to keep your wetsuit water ready.