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212 Brooksbank Avenue
North Vancouver, BC
V7J 2C1


(604) 990-4417


    If you love trails, snow, water or fresh air, this is your store. Visit MEC North Vancouver for outdoor gear, know-how and inspiration.

    Monday Open 10:00am – 8:00pm

    Monday10:00am - 8:00pm
    Tuesday10:00am - 8:00pm
    Wednesday10:00am - 8:00pm
    Thursday10:00am - 9:00pm
    Friday10:00am - 9:00pm
    Saturday9:00am - 7:00pm
    Sunday9:00am - 7:00pm


    Want to try out gear or whole new activity? Check out gear rentals at MEC. Give the store a call to see what’s available and come by to book your rental in-person.

    Rentals are first come, first serve. Bookings are 4- or 8-hour slots with options to extend. Limited rental gear quantities available.

    At this store, you can rent:

    Rental gear4-hour rental8-hour rental
    Eleven Six Ultralight Inflatable SUP with leash, PFD, safety kit$40$60
    Ten Six Ultralight Inflatable SUP Package with leash, PFD, safety kit$40$60
    Cannondale Trail 8 Bicycle with with helmet, lock, lights$40$60
    MEC Chinook Bicycle with helmet, lock, lights$30$50
    MEC Midtown Step-Through Bicycle with helmet, lock, lights$30$50
    Repairs and recycling

    For the safety of staff and members, we are pausing in-store gear repair services for a while. Thanks for your understanding. Want to try some repairs on your own? Learn how to fix your own gear with these how-to articles and videos on popular gear repair topics.


    If you bought any of the items below at MEC, you can bring them back to our store for recycling:

    • Batteries (no broken or corroded ones please).
    • Bike tires (no tubes) – they can get ground up for tarmac or playground surfaces.

    Due to safety concerns, we do not accept used flammable goods, including camping gas canisters, stove fuel, flares, bear bangers and bear spray. Please contact your local waste management office to find out how to properly dispose of these items.

    Have a question about something that’s not on the list above? Give us a call or contact your local municipal recycling program.

    Green building features

    Our MEC North Vancouver store is one of our signature green buildings. It opened its doors in 2012, and is officially designed as a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified building. Here are some of the green features:

    • The roof and walls make up a highly efficient building envelope through the use of structural insulated panels that cut down on heat loss because of leaking air. This provides significantly more thermal insulation than conventional buildings.
    • To cut down on materials required, there are minimal floor and ceiling coverings.
    • To cut down on energy required for heating and cooling, a concrete slab floor acts as a giant radiator that’s warmed or cooled by a geo-exchange system in which fluid is pumped through embedded piping. Predictive controls preheat or cool the slab based on forecasted weather.
    • The building doesn’t use conventional ducting; the entire first floor acts as one large air duct (or plenum) requiring less fan energy.
    • The sawtooth-shaped roof and clerestory windows are oriented so the less-intense northern light can help naturally enter and reflect off the ceiling to flood the retail floor with natural light.
    • The lights we do have turn off automatically when there’s enough natural light to save energy (for both the lights and the energy needed to cool heat from the bulbs).
    • The non-potable water system is supplied by an onsite well, and is used for toilets and to water the native species of drought-tolerant plants.
    • Low-flow fixtures reduce overall water consumption.
    • Captured precipitation (stormwater) is held and filtered through bioswales, rain gardens and permeable pavers before it goes back to the water table. There’s no connection to the municipal storm sewer.
    • Landscaping seamlessly integrates with the nearby biking and hiking trails in Lynnmouth Park.
    • Electric vehicle charging stations have reserved parking spots.

    MEC aims to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impacts in our stores. Learn more about our green buildings.

    Ski services

    Professional ski and snowboard shop services to set you up for the season. Some services may not be available year-round. Call us to set up a visit.

    Buy two of the big three – board/skis, bindings, boots – from MEC and we’ll mount your bindings for free. This offer applies to all types of snowboard and ski equipment sold at MEC. If you’re shopping online, take advantage of this deal by calling your store to arrange an appointment to mount your bindings before you visit. Our ski techs get busy, and we don’t want to let you down.

    Alpine touring$50
    Binding removal (with purchase of new binding or skis)Free
    Base tune-upPrice
    General repairs, minimum shop charge is $5$70/hr
    Hot wax (machine)$15
    Hot wax (hand)$35
    Machine sharpen and wax$35
    Pine tar, call for availability$30
    Additional servicesPrice
    Skin trim (length only)$10
    Skin fit and shaping (length and width), call for availability$25
    Boot liner moulding (free with boot purchase)$20
    Boot punching (first punch)$50
    Boot punching (additional punch)$25
    Snowshoe servicesPrice
    Binding replacement$70/pair
    Rivet replacement (per rivet)$15/unit
    Binding strap replacement (per strap)$15/unit

    Your local MEC store is more than just a place to get gear – it’s a hub for your outdoor community. MEC All Out (our community program) has all kinds of ways to help you get outside:

    Local events

    Year-round, MEC offers low cost (or even free) clinics and workshops. Find MEC events near you see what’s happening in store, learn new outdoor skills from friendly staff instructors, and spark ideas for your next outdoor trip.

    Grants and donations

    Our community program has given tens of millions of dollars to help people in Canada get active outdoors. Have an awesome outdoor idea? Check out our community grants and grassroots product donations for criteria and applications.

    Free display space

    Not-for-profit groups and local clubs that share MEC values can use our floor space to tell people what’s going on. Let people know about outdoor issues, collect input on plans, or just get the word out about your club. For more info, please email or phone the store.

    Free meeting room

    We’re taking precautionary steps due to COVID-19, and pausing all bookings of the Community Room for the moment.  We take your health seriously and are following the recommendations of public health agencies to practice social distancing and limit gatherings. We will continue to monitor and reassess the situation as it evolves. For groups with a current booking, we’ll contact you by email to ensure you can plan accordingly.

    Bike shop

    Our bike shop mechanics can do it all, from installing fenders to building wheels from scratch. We offer a full range of repair services, including minor adjustments and repairs, component upgrades, suspension work, tune-ups and major overhauls.

    We fix all kinds of bikes: commuter, road, e-bikes, gravel, mountain and kids. Not sure what you need? Bring in your bike for a free safety inspection and we’ll let you know.

    See bike tune-up packages and pricing