Annie Ambassador Hero 5x2 (option2)

Annie Jean

Discipline: Running Ambassador

Kapuskasing, ON
Chelsea, QC

Annie first discovered running in university and instantly fell in love with the feeling of liberty it offered her.

As a podiatrist, Annie understands the importance of having healthy feet and adequate bio-mechanics for better movement efficiency, which has led her to great success both at home and as a Salomon athlete on the international stage.

As an avid road and trail runner and dedicated cyclist, Annie also adds cross-country skiing, snowshoe running and fat biking to the menu in winter. Her appetite for multiple sports and year round outdoor training have helped her become the best athlete possible.

“Sports help me stay focused and have permitted me to get through various life obstacles, while giving me the chance to travel the world and build amazing relationships along the way. In races, I usually bring my podiatry tools to treat injured runners if needed. I love to play at work!”

Photo by Dave McMahon