MEC Ambassador Bruce Kirkby

Bruce Kirkby

Discipline: Adventure Ambassador

Toronto, ON
Kimberley, BC

Raised in Toronto, Bruce ditched a routine life upon graduating from Engineering Physics. In the decades since, he’s travelled to 80 countries and amassed over 2000 expedition days; crossing Arabia by camel, traversing the Caucasus by horse, and descending the Blue Nile Gorge by raft. A veteran of 18 guiding seasons on Canada’s northern rivers, Bruce’s focus (and joy) remains human-powered journeys through remote wilderness regions – often with his young family in tow.

As a Globe and Mail columnist, photographer, and best-selling author, Bruce is recognized for connecting wild places with contemporary issues.

“My beloved MEC softshell pants are now held together by thread and duct tape, but can still be found on every adventure.”