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Seeking Nirvana captures backcountry ski radness

March 14, 2016

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This winter we hooked up with Canadian free skiers Mike Henitiuk, Joe Schuster, Riley Leboe, and Matt Margetts from the web series Seeking Nirvana. Sit back and enjoy three episodes of vast powder bowls, big lines and good-time skiing with friends.

Seeking Nirvana | Part 1: Home

This is the mountain village of Whistler, 675m above sea level. Forested with old growth fir and cedar, an important black bear habitat. Criss-crossed by deep valleys making way to endless glaciers. There are few paved roads but instead many miles of intersecting logging roads and dirt trails. It is an El Nino year. The far edge of Howe Sound is famous for fierce storms.

Four men make haste into the storm in search of vast powder bowls, to which the mountain village has garnered a reputation. A difficult task, travelling uncharted terrain requires the group’s combined wits. Only persistence and a spot of luck will reward success. The adventure begins in the mountain village they call home but foreign lands beckon. A journey awaits and a feeling desired. We follow this group, through trials and triumph, seeking nirvana.

Seeking Nirvana | Part 2: Cabin Fever

Childhood friends embark on a journey past road’s end. Far from civilization, deep in the wilds of British Columbia, time slows as they align with their surroundings. Battling blizzards, they quest towards untracked landscapes of powder glory. Through trial and triumph they press on. The snow falls, the angst builds. Fever has set in. Strange adventures await.

Seeking Nirvana | Part 3: The Lucky Strike

This band of seekers have found a treasure, a mother lode if you will… it’s time to stake their claim and strike it rich! This treasure…. it’s not the conventional kind … gold, diamonds or other such things … this treasure is much more rare. Found only in the alpine, an land of unrelenting rock and ice, caped with soft and endless snow.

All videos via Seeking Nirvana on Vimeo.

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