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FIXE PLX-HCR climbing hardware

FIXE PLX-HCR bolt hangers from MEC may be subject to a voluntary recall due to their potential to corrode. The following styles of bolt hangers, rappel hangers, chain anchors and belay rappel stations are all affected.

Product name (FIXE style number)MEC style number
FIXE PLX-HCR Bolt Hanger 3/8in (038D-10PLX)5050510
CSO Fixe PLX-HCR Bolt Hanger 3/8in (038D-10PLX)5054090
FIXE PLX-HCR Bolt Hanger 12mm (038D-12PLX)5050515
CSO Fixe PLX-HCR Bolt Hanger12mm (038D-12PLX)5054091
FIXE PLX-HCR Rappel Hanger 3/8in (040D-10PLX)5050513
CSO Fixe PLX-HCR Rappel Hanger 3/8in (040D-10PLX)5054093
FIXE PLX-HCR Chain Anchor with Ring 3/8in (460PLX)5050516
CSO Fixe PLX Chain Anchor with Ring 3/8in (460PLX)5054094
FIXE PLX-HCR Belay/Rappel Station (037-10PLX)5050508
CSO Fixe PLX-HCR Belay/Rappel Station (037-10PLX)5054087

The hardware being recalled affects bolt hangers from production batches 0116 to 2216. (No other batches are affected.) The first two digits (01 to 22 inclusive) refer to the week in which a hanger was manufactured. The last two digits (16) refer to the year of manufacture, 2016.

The production batch number is stamped onto the back of each hanger. If the hardware you purchased is from batch 0116 to 2216, please return it to MEC for a full refund.

If you purchased FIXE PLX-HCR hardware and have subsequently placed it on a climbing route, you may be questioning whether it is safe to leave in place. According to FIXE, corrosion is most likely to happen if the rock type and environment are susceptible to Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC). While it occurs most commonly on limestone karst in warm, humid environments (such as Thailand), SCC can occur in inland areas if the rock type and environment are conducive to it. FIXE is not recommending that developers strip routes where the affected hangers have been placed, unless they are in areas where SCC is known to be problematic. Hangers can be left in situ on a route, at the developer’s discretion. Of course, all climbing hardware should be regularly inspected to ensure that it continues to be safe.

More information is available from the FIXE recall page. You can also contact our Service Centre at or 1.888.847.0770 (ask for Returns). We have limited supplies of some styles of replacement FIXE product. We can also check your purchase history and confirm if your product is affected.