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G3 Carbon Avalanche Probes

G3 recently informed us that three styles of probes are affected by a voluntary recall. According to G3:

In rare instances… an internal ferrule can loosen inside or disconnect from the [probe’s] lower segment, causing the probe to weaken and possibly fail.

The probes affected by this voluntary recall are:

  • 1631 G3 300 Carbon Speed Tech probe (red T-handle)
  • 1911 G3 240 Carbon Speed Tech SL probe (black T-handle)
  • 1635 G3 190 Carbon Speed Tech SL probe (black T-handle)

We encourage members to read G3’s Probe Recall Notice. It explains how to obtain a Return Authorization Number, which will entitle you to a new 2015/16 G3 Carbon probe at no cost.

For more info

If you have questions about this recall, it’s best to contact G3 directly, either through the probe recall link above or via phone at 1.866.924.9048.

If you’re uncertain about which G3 avalanche probe you have, contact our Service Centre at or 1.888.847.0770. We can check your purchase history and confirm if your probe may be affected.