How to see if an item is in stock at your store

Want to purchase an item at your local MEC store? Always check if it’s in stock at your store before you come by. Not everything on is available in all stores.

To check in-store availability for products, follow these steps:

1. Start on the product page

On the product page on, there’s a “Find in store” link below the colour and quantity section. If you’re on your phone, you’ll need to scroll down just a bit.

2. Choose your store

If your store location is already showing, click the location. If you haven’t chosen a location yet, click on “Find in store” to select one from the pop-up.

3. Check store availability

A chart will appear with product availability in the location you’ve chosen, based on colour and size. Use the dropdown at the top to switch locations and see availability at other stores near you.

Tip: Low stock doesn’t guarantee you’ll find the item in store (It’s our system’s best guess, but it’s not perfect). To avoid disappointment, we recommend purchasing online and choosing store pickup or home delivery.

This product comes in three colours: red, yellow and blue. The red colour has low stock, the yellow is in stock, and the blue is out of stock at Edmonton South.