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Cannondale Neo Canvas and Neo Canvas Remixte Bikes recall announcement

If you’ve purchased a Cannondale Canvas Neo 2 or Cannondale Neo 2 Remixte Bike. Cannondale has announced a recall for replacement of the hardware attaching the front fender on these bikes.

Cannondale asks that you stop using your bike immediately while replacement of the hardware is pending. If you’d like to keep riding your bike before you bring it in for service, Cannondale advises it’s safe to do so only if the front fender is removed. (Instructions for removal are included in the link below.)

We ask that you bring your bike to your nearest MEC bike shop to begin the recall service process. The fork must be removed and sent to Cannondale for modification. Cannondale estimates that you’ll be without your bike for two to three weeks while this process in undertaken. Please visit Cannondale recall info to find out more information as well as instructions for removing the front fender.

If you have further questions or cannot bring your bike in to an MEC bike shop, please contact our Service Centre at or 1.888.847.0770 (ask for Returns).