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MEC's privacy policy

Last updated: April 04, 2022

MEC respects your privacy, and it is important to us that you understand how we handle your personal information. Please read this Policy carefully.

In this Policy, we explain how MEC collects and uses your personal information, as well as how and when we may share your information with others. We never sell your information.

We also set out how you can make decisions about the personal information you have given us, and let you know about the safety measures we have put in place to protect your personal information.

When you interact with us, we may sometimes provide you with additional information on how we handle your personal information in relation to specific services. Always make sure to read and understand such statements.

Policy Overview

This Policy applies to you whenever you use our website, contact us, or use any of our services. It also applies to any information you give us or have given us in the past, including membership information, as well as in the various situations set out below. We always handle your personal information based on privacy laws or on your express or implied consent. If you do not agree with the Policy, you must not use our site or services.

Collecting Your Personal Information

Personal Information You Provide to Us. We collect personal information that you provide to us, including when you become a member, shop with us, order from our website, or participate in an event. This type of information can include:

  • Contact information: we collect your contact information in a wide number of circumstances, including when you register for a MEC membership or a MEC online account on the MEC website, when you purchase an item from the MEC website, when you register for an event, when you apply for a job, or otherwise during our operations. Examples of contact information include your name, e-mail address, phone number, and addresses.

  • Membership information: when you join MEC as a member, we collect contact information and additional information such as where, how, and when you joined, your language preference, and your birthday. We will also give you a unique membership number.

  • Cart: if you choose to save items to a Cart, MEC will collect this information.

  • Payment information: we do not collect payment card information directly from you. If you make an online or phone purchase, a trusted third party service provider will receive your credit or debit card and billing information. If you save payment card information to your MEC online account, this will be stored by MEC as tokenized information only.

  • Emails, messages and phone calls: if you email, call, chat, or otherwise communicate with us, we may keep copies, records, recordings, transcripts, or notes of such communications including any personal information communicated by you. If we send you a marketing e-mail, we will collect information about whether you open the e-mail, whether you access the link(s) provided and, if you do, what pages you visit on our website, and also what, if anything, you purchase.

  • Social media information: when you visit or message (whether directly or indirectly e.g. @mec on Twitter) any one of MEC’s social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube), we may collect personal information such as your name, contact information, opinions, or any other information provided by you.

  • Third party contact information: in some circumstances, you may provide us with the contact information for a third party (for example, if you are sending a gift card or online purchase to a third party, or are providing us with an emergency contact for an event). In these cases, we will collect only the required information for that third party, which could include their name, email, phone number, address, or relationship to you.

  • Contest, giveaway, and promotion information: from time to time, MEC may run contests or promotions. To participate in a contest, you may be required to provide personal information to MEC. This could include quotes, stories, photos, video, information about your interests or products you are interested in, or social media tags.

  • Job application information: you may apply for jobs at MEC through the job application platform accessible via the MEC website. During your application, you may provide MEC with significant personal information, which could include your contact information, work experience, willingness to relocate, education, skills, work style and motivations, licenses and certifications, and entitlement to work.

  • Event registration information: if you register for an event hosted by MEC, we may collect personal information such as your participation in the event, or emergency contact information. You will also complete an event release and waiver. Where an individual under 18 is registering for an event, we require a parent/guardian to complete the event registration form, the event release and waiver, and to provide consent for use and collection of information on behalf of the minor.

  • MEC equipment rental reservation information: if you reserve or make an equipment rental from MEC, we will collect personal information about you to complete your rental, including contact information, equipment rented, and date of rental.

  • Product ratings, reviews, feedback, and questions: When you submit a product review via the “Write a Review” option on our website, or when you ask or answer a question via the “Ask a Question” option on our website, we will collect your e-mail address, a nickname (that will be publicly displayed if your review or question is posted), and information about your experience with the product and/or questions and answers about the product. Any information or photos that you provide other than your e-mail address may be posted publicly on our website. As ratings, reviews, and questions, and answers may be accessible to all visitors to the MEC website, please do not include any other personal information in the ratings, reviews, and questions and answers. MEC may also collect personal information that you include in any feedback that you provide to MEC by e-mail, telephone, chat, through the MEC website, through our social media platforms, or in person at our retail stores.

  • Website feedback and survey information: when you submit feedback about our website via our Feedback form and/or complete a survey that we have circulated, we will collect the personal information you provide us, including your expressed opinions and comments about your MEC experience.

  • Other information: we collect any other personal information that individuals give or submit directly to MEC on a voluntary basis.
    Personal Information We Automatically Collect. When you make a purchase, shop at our stores, or access our website, we may automatically collect certain information about you. This can include:

  • Purchase information: when you make a purchase from MEC, MEC will document purchase details such as the date, quantity, SKU, description, price, applicable discounts, and location of the purchase. If you are a member, this information will be kept in association with your membership record. If you make a purchase on the MEC website, your MEC online account will also keep a record of your order number, as well as the date the order was made, order details status, shipping and billing details, tracking number, product information, the order total, and other purchase information.

  • Video surveillance footage: when you enter a MEC store, you may be recorded by our video camera system. In the normal course of operations, video surveillance footage is regularly deleted or overwritten, unless there is a business or legal reason to retain certain recordings. Our standard retention period is approximately 30 days.

  • Device information: when you access the MEC website, we may collect information about your device, such as your internet protocol (IP) address, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), platform type, device identifier, device manufacturer, device model, operating system, platform type, connection speed, and version information.

  • Technical and usage information: when you browse the MEC website, we may collect information about your browsing behaviour. This information may include the sections of the MEC website that you visit, the date and time of your use of the MEC website and your in-media time, your actions within the MEC website (e.g. number of clicks), connection speed, website crashes and other system activity, the URLs you visited before and after using the MEC website, and certain content that you download from the MEC website. This information may also be collected for us by third party service providers

  • Location information: if you have enabled location services through your device, we may collect the geolocation of your device when you are actively using the MEC website. Some location-based services offered by MEC, such as the “Store Locator” feature and location-based push notifications require your location information for the feature to work. You may deny access to your geolocation information, but if you deny access then we may not be able to provide you with a personalized user experience.

  • Cookies and tracking technology: MEC collects personal information when you access the MEC website via cookies, web beacons, pixel tags, and other similar tracking technologies. This is addressed further in the Cookies, Beacons, and Pixel Tags section below. Personal Information We Collect from Other Sources. We collect personal information from other sources, including:

  • Public Information: in connection with our services, products, or your interactions with us, we may collect content and information that you share publicly. We may also collect information about you that is available publicly, such as from government databases or the media.

  • Information from third parties: MEC may collect personal information from other customers, staff, or third parties where required for identification or in relation to a dispute, to a security incident, or otherwise for loss or fraud prevention. We may also collect your information from other customers or members if they provide us your information, for example if they have put you down as an emergency contact or bought you a gift from us. In certain cases, we may also collect information from private third parties, which could include information available from identity verification and fraud prevention services, or information from a third party who is collecting such information on behalf of MEC.

Personal Data We Derive. We may draw inferences about you based on the personal information we collect. For example, if we have collected your IP address, we may infer your location, or based on your behaviour on our website, we may infer your interests and purchasing habits.

Using Your Personal Information

We use your personal information to provide you with services, get you the outdoor equipment you love, operate our business, and improve MEC. This can include:

  • Purchasing and returns: if you purchase products or services from MEC, we may use your personal information or personal information you provide to process your purchase. This can include managing your payments, handling and fulfilling your requests, and making sure the products you have purchased are delivered to the right address. We may also use our records of your purchase (if available) in the event you wish to return a product.

  • Renting: when you reserve or rent equipment from us, we may use your personal information and the information you submit as part of the rental process to manage your rental and rental returns. We may also use this information to make forecasts and plans relating to the rental service and equipment we offer.

  • Communications: we may use your personal information to contact and correspond with you directly and to manage our relationship, including in relation to the provision of our services or to respond to your questions, comments, or concerns. MEC may contact you in different ways including by mail, e-mail, telephone, or chat. We may use your information to provide you with services, information, or products.
    Where we have your express or implied consent to do so, we may also send you commercial electronic messages, which could include general updates and announcements, contest and event information, and electronic newsletters (see below for information on how to “opt-out” of receiving certain communications from us).

  • Membership information: when you connect with us using your membership, we may use it in conjunction with other information we collect to understand your interests and for marketing purposes as described below. We may use the information in your membership file to provide you with services or improve our operations.

  • MEC online account information: we use your MEC online account information to provide you with access to certain areas of the MEC website, to administer your use of the MEC website or services, and to send you products that you have bought. We may also process other personal information such as your website navigation and browsing information to improve or personalize your online experience, such as saving items in your Cart, providing you with relevant product recommendations, and giving you store-specific information.

  • Member or customer interests: to maintain, improve, and promote our services, we will use information about you to understand your interactions with us and for market research and analytics. We may also use this information to forecast, plan, and improve our services, including by making them more interesting, relevant, and tailored to specific audiences. We are always seeking to understand more about our customers to offer the most relevant content and customer experience. See the Cookies, Beacons, and Pixel Tags section below, which describes how we use these technologies to measure your interest and engagement, and to understand how we can tailor your MEC experience.

  • Marketing: we may use your personal information to send you marketing messages. Some of these messages and advertisements may be tailored to you, based on your previous browsing or purchase activity (including purchases you make in-store), and other information we hold about you. We may tailor these messages depending on your interests (e.g. to follow up with you about an item you have viewed on our website or to suppress ads for products you have already purchased). You may also see advertisements for MEC on third party websites and platforms. These may be directed to you using your email address, cookies, pixel tags, or other similar technologies which allow us and our service providers to serve ads to customers. We may engage a social network to show ads to our customers, or users who match the demographic profile of our customers. When creating a demographic profile for marketing purposes, we may use things like email addresses in a hashed format to maintain privacy. If you no longer want to see tailored advertising, you can change your cookie and privacy settings on your browser and on these third party platforms.

  • Contest, giveaway and promotion information: we may use personal information you provide to us or our third parties through contests, giveaways, and promotions to contact and highlight the winners, to gauge engagement and understand your interests, and to forecast, plan, and market our services. We may also use this information as described in applicable contest rules.

  • Social media information: we use this information for the purpose of responding to inquiries made to us through social media, to enter individuals in contests, giveaways and/or promotions that we are running on social media, to gauge engagement and understand your interests, and to forecast, plan, and market our services.

  • Job application information: we use personal information provided with job applications to assess applicants’ eligibility and qualifications for employment with MEC, and to contact applicants in relation to careers at MEC. We may also gather additional information about you from third parties in the hiring process, including by contacting your references or (if permitted by law and authorized by you) conducting background checks. If you are hired by MEC, we may use the information provided with your job application as a part of your employee record.

  • Event registration information: we may use this information to register you for events hosted by MEC, to process your payment for the event (if applicable), to contact you about the event or future events, and to contact your emergency contact in the event of an emergency. We may also use this information to gauge engagement and for market research.

  • Product ratings, reviews, questions: we may use this information to improve our products and services, including to improve the MEC website. MEC may also use this information to investigate and address individuals’ concerns and questions, including to follow-up with any product concerns or issues and to make improvements to your overall experience with MEC. We may also use this information to suspend or deactivate accounts, and to assist in training our employees and service providers. MEC reserves its rights to exercise its discretion when responding to reviews and questions.
    If you have purchased a product from MEC and have not opted out from receiving commercial electronic messages, you may also be contacted by us with the opportunity to provide a review or respond to a question. Your engagement in these opportunities is completely voluntary.

  • Website feedback and survey information: MEC may use the information you provide to enhance visitor’s experience with the MEC website, to respond to your feedback, and to measure your engagement. We may follow up with you to request further information related to the feedback provided.

  • Device, technical and usage information: we use this information to understand traffic and activity on the MEC website, to enable us to improve the MEC website and/or the services, to understand what drives traffic to our website, to understand interest in our products and services, and to tailor our marketing. We may also use information about your activities on our website (e.g. opt-out preferences, click-throughs, and IP addresses), MEC online account activity, device information, and the methods used to access or use the MEC website or services, or to apply for promotions, contests, and events, to understand current and future consumer interests. We also use this information to improve existing products and services, to develop new products, services, and promotions, to optimize your MEC experience, and to better understand how to communicate with you. We monitor system usage, server and software performance to maintain, ensure, and improve the integrity of our website, related information, and electronic services.

  • Location information: we use geolocation information to provide you with location-based services on the MEC website and to deliver regionally relevant content.

  • Identification, verification, and fraud prevention: we use various types of information to help us identify and verify you when you interact with us in-store and on the MEC website. For identification and verification purposes, this will typically include your MEC online account and membership information, purchase history, as well as other identifying information you have provided to us which will help us ensure we are dealing with you. We may also use this information to help us detect and prevent fraud, investigate claims, and protect the security of our stores and the MEC website.

  • Legal and regulatory requirements: we may use your personal information to meet our legal obligations and for regulatory purposes.
    We may also use your personal information to provide you with products and services you request or for other purposes we let you know about when we are collecting your information.

Sharing Your Personal Information

Sharing your personal information is sometimes necessary for us to provide you with services or products, as well as to improve MEC as a whole. We only share your information as described in this Policy, in other situations where we have your consent, or where we are permitted by law. We do not sell your information to third parties. We may share your information as follows:

  • Third Party Service Providers: we share personal information with trusted and reputable third parties who perform functions on our behalf. In such cases, we take steps to help ensure our service providers only use personal information for authorized purposes and implement reasonable privacy and security safeguards. For more information on how MEC discloses your information to third parties, please see our section on Third Parties below.

  • MEC Events: to ensure your safety during an event, we may provide your emergency contact information to the event’s First Aid Provider. We may also disclose information about you if there is any emergency involving you during the event, including to your emergency contact and any responders.

  • Permitted Legal Disclosures: under applicable privacy laws, MEC may be required or permitted by law to disclose your personal information under certain circumstances. This could include to law enforcement, governmental authorities, or buyers or potential buyers in the case of a sale of all or part of the business. In all such cases where MEC shares your information, it will be in strict accordance with applicable privacy laws.

  • Voluntary Public Disclosure by You: when you publish or post content to our website, our social media, or anywhere else that is viewable or accessible by others (like message boards or our in-store corkboards), this information will become publicly available. Note that any information you provide to third party social networking sites and other sites is outside of MEC’s control and is not governed by this Policy.

Cookies, Beacons and Pixel Tags

When you visit the MEC website or interact with us online, we may use cookies and other online tracking technologies like beacons and pixel tags to help improve your experience and make our services and operations better.


Cookies may remain on your device after you leave the MEC website (until the cookie expires or is deleted by you). Please see our Website Cookie Policy for further information about MEC’s use of cookies on the MEC website. We use cookies to:

  • allow you to make purchases from us online

  • analyse website traffic

  • understand activity on our website

  • help us modify our website to reflect your interests and preferences; and

  • enable our website to save and retrieve information that you enter (for example, user preferences and settings).
    For your options relating to cookies, please see Additional Choices You Have About Your Personal Information, below.

Beacons and Pixel Tags

MEC may use web beacons or pixel tags to compile tracking information reports and perform analytics regarding website visitors’ demographics, website traffic patterns, and website purchases.
Beacons and Pixel Tags help us to:

  • measure your interest and engagement in our website as well as others

  • measure the success of our marketing campaigns

  • compile statistics about usage of the online services and response rates

  • help us understand how we can tailor your MEC experience. This may include providing you with relevant content and ads on our website and other platforms, like Google and Facebook, based on your affinities and demographics

  • collect and associate information about your online activities on our website and across different websites; and

  • create reports for MEC about activities on the MEC website, such as aggregated information about devices, geolocation, networks, page visits, duration of visits, and click through rates. This data is generally used by us for aggregate reporting purposes. For our own research purposes, however, we may link tracking information with personal information. If we link information, it is treated as personal information and will be used and disclosed only in accordance with this Policy.
    If you do not want to have your information collected by beacons or pixel tags, please do not use the MEC website.

Third Parties

We do not sell information to third parties.

In order to carry on our business, we rely on trusted and reputable third parties to help us perform operations or provide services to our members and customers. Sometimes, this requires third party service providers to collect, use, or disclose personal information on our behalf. We may also provide personal information to these trusted third parties in order for them to help us provide members and customers with services and maintain our operations. The third party services that we use include:

  • Analytics: we use a number of partners to assist us with reporting and analytics, member engagement and communications, and to track and analyse usage information about our website. We also use third parties to help identify and target relevant demographics for advertising and market development.

  • Electronic communications: we use third party e-mail service providers to facilitate e-mails to our customers and others who have opted-in to receiving marketing or promotional electronic communication from MEC. This includes MEC newsletters. We also use third party social media platforms to market, engage, and communicate.

  • Payment processing: we work with third party payment processing gateway and analytics providers to facilitate payment transactions and gift cards.

  • Email, phone, and live chat: we use service providers to manage our email, phone, and live chat interactions with you.

  • MEC careers webpage: we use a third party to host the online platform for MEC’s online job application process, and to manage job board accounts and applications submitted through the MEC website.

  • Product ratings, reviews, questions, feedback: we work with third parties to manage the product ratings, reviews, and question and answer portions of the MEC website.

  • MEC equipment rental reservations: we use a third party to manage our online rental reservation system.

  • Orders fulfillment, shipping, and delivery: we use a number of third parties to process orders and deliver products. If you purchase a product on our website or through our Service Center, your name and shipping information will be shared with such third parties.

  • Event management: we engage various partners to help us with registration, managing, and providing events.

  • Identification, verification and fraud prevention: we use service providers to help us identify and verify you, detect and prevent fraud, investigate claims, and protect the security of our stores, staff, and the MEC website. In some cases, we share aggregated and non-identifying information with our third party providers (e.g. information about website usage and performance, representative sales data, etc.) so that our service providers can better manage and improve their products and services, including their services to MEC. As aggregate and non-identifying information is not personal information, it is not subject to this Policy.

Security and Protection of Your Personal Information

Steps We Take to Protect Your Information

We take protection of your personal information seriously. Steps we take to keep your information safe include:

  • Safeguards: we use administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect against unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, and disposal of your personal information. These safeguards are set up in a manner appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. For example, we implement certain encryption and security controls to protect against unauthorized access to personal information and require third parties acting on our behalf to maintain reasonable and appropriate safeguards.

  • Anonymization, destruction, or disposal: we will use care when anonymizing, destroying or disposing of personal information in order to keep such information safe.

  • Confidentiality Requirements. our employees and independent contractors with access to personal information are required to respect the confidentiality of such information.

  • Ongoing Updates: we review and update our security policies and controls as technology changes to ensure ongoing security of your information. Despite these efforts, please bear in mind that no internet or e-mail transmission is ever fully secure or error free and no security system is impenetrable. We cannot always guarantee the security of personal information. Any transmission of your personal information is at your own risk.

Protecting Your Own Personal Information

It is important to guard your privacy when you are online, including while you are interacting with MEC. Steps you can take to protect your personal information include:

  • External Websites: the MEC website include links to external websites, and those websites are not governed by this Policy. MEC is not responsible for the privacy practices, collection of personal information, or content of external websites. You should read their privacy policies and make an informed decision about whether you want to use those websites or those services.

  • Third party service providers: where we have enabled you to connect with other third party platforms in order to utilize their services in conjunction with our website, you may be subject to the privacy policies and other terms of those third party platforms, especially where you are providing your information directly to them. You are responsible for reviewing and agreeing to those privacy policies and terms. If you do not agree with these policies and terms, you should not use the services offered by such third party service providers.

  • Unauthorized Access: you should take steps to protect against unauthorized access to your MEC online account by, for example, choosing a robust password and keeping your login information and password private. MEC is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or compromised usernames, passwords, or for any activity on your MEC online account via unauthorized password activity. MEC is also not responsible if you do not secure your own devices, your access to the Internet, or your use of public, unsecured networks, including publicly available in-store Wi-Fi that may be offered by MEC.

Retention and Storage of Your Personal Information

We will retain your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, for as long as we have a business or legal reason to do so, or as otherwise permitted or required by law. At any time, we may choose to delete or anonymize any or all of your personal information in our system, including your membership and membership record. We may do so upon no notice to you. Under some circumstances, we may anonymize or aggregate your personal information so that it can no longer be associated with you. We reserve the right to use such anonymous and de-identified data for any legitimate business purpose without further notice to you or your consent, as it is no longer personal information. Note that some of our third party service providers are partially or fully located outside of Canada. As a result, your personal information may be stored and processed outside of Canada, and may be subject to the laws and access by government or regulatory organizations outside of Canada.

How to Access or Change Your Personal Information

Accessing Your Personal Information

You can access personal information held in your MEC online account by logging in to your MEC online account. For access to any other personal information held by MEC, please request access by contacting the MEC Privacy Officer, with sufficient detail to enable MEC to identify the personal information being sought.
When you contact us, we may ask for further information to confirm your identity and the nature of the information you are requesting to access.
We will respond reasonably to your request and in accordance with the law. In some cases, MEC may need additional time to respond to a request, in which case we will provide you with written notice of the extension.
In some cases, we may charge a reasonable fee according to the cost required to retrieve and provide access to the requested information. We may provide an estimate of the fee in advance and in some cases, will require a deposit for all or part of the fee. Depending on the nature of the information being sought, we may not always provide you with access to your information if such denial of access is authorized by law. In some circumstances MEC may be legally required to refuse you access.
If we deny your request for access to personal information, we will advise you of the reason for the refusal, and will provide you with other information if required by applicable law.

Changing Your Personal Information

If you would like to change specific pieces of information you have saved within your MEC online account, you can update them yourself by logging in to your MEC online account (e.g. saved tokenized credit cards, billing address, etc.). You are responsible for keeping the personal information in your MEC online account up to date and accurate.
To make any other changes, additions, or deletions to your personal information, contact the MEC Privacy Officer. MEC will evaluate your request and take appropriate steps.

Additional Choices You Have About Your Personal Information

We want you to understand your choices and make informed decisions about the ways in which your personal information is used by MEC.
There are several options available for you to manage your privacy preferences at MEC, including managing your preferences within your MEC online account, contacting MEC or third parties directly, or changing your browser or device settings. Please note that if you do request any changes in relation to the treatment of your personal information, we may keep a record of this request.

Opting-Out of Marketing Communications

If you provide MEC with your e-mail address and explicitly or implicitly consent to receiving messages from us, you may receive MEC commercial electronic communications. These messages will provide you with our contact information and a method to opt-out and unsubscribe from future commercial electronic messages. You can also opt-out of receiving marketing e-mails from MEC by updating your subscription preferences in your MEC online account, or by contacting our Service Centre.

If you opt-out, MEC may still use your e-mail address to communicate with you regarding important matters, such as about your MEC online account, or regarding services or products that you have purchased. You may not opt-out of receiving communications required by law, or which are necessary to provide you with requested services and/or products.

Deleting Your Personal Information

You can delete some personal information from your online account by logging in to your MEC online account. For all other personal deletion requests, please contact the MEC Privacy Officer. Please note that depending on what you are asking us to delete, we may either delete, anonymise, or retain your personal information. Any such retention will be in accordance with applicable privacy law. Please also note that deletion or anonymization of personal information may mean we are unable to provide certain services to you.

Cookies, Tracking Technologies, and Advertising

You can disable cookies by adjusting the settings on your browser. If you disable or refuse cookies, please note that some parts of the MEC website may not be accessible to you or may not function properly.
You can learn more about how to opt-out of tailored advertising and behavioural tracking from the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada.

You can help control the information which is collected and used by Google and Facebook in respect of your interaction with our website. To learn more about Google’s privacy practices, including how you can view and edit your preferences, please see the Google Privacy Policy. You can learn about Google’s tracking practices by going to and opt-out by downloading the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on, available at

You can learn about Facebook’s practices by going to and opt-out by visiting

Location Information

You can choose whether to allow the MEC website to collect and use real-time information about your device’s location through your device’s privacy settings. If you block the use of location information, some parts of the MEC website may be inaccessible or not function properly.

Children Under the Age Of 14

MEC recognizes that children’s privacy should be treated differently. We value the involvement of parents and/or guardians in the protection of children’s personal information and privacy rights.
Our website is not intended for children under 14 years of age. MEC does not actively market its services to individuals under the age of 14, and children under the age of 14 cannot become members of MEC. Where MEC does collect information regarding minors (e.g. where a minor signs up for a MEC event), we ask that a parent or guardian provide consent for use and collection of information on behalf of the minor.

Contact Us

Questions or concerns regarding this Policy and how we handle your personal information can be directed to the MEC Privacy Officer, who is responsible for ensuring MEC’s compliance with this Policy.
You can contact our Privacy Officer using any of the following methods: Mailing Address:

MEC Mountain Equipment Company Ltd. – Privacy Officer Suite 101 – 887 Great Northern Way Vancouver, BC, V5T 4T5 Canada

E-mail: MEC takes complaints about our privacy practices seriously. MEC will investigate all complaints, and if necessary, take required steps.
If you are not satisfied with MEC’s response to a complaint, you may have options to exercise, including to raise the complaint with the relevant Privacy Commissioner:

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta

Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Changes to this Policy

We may update this Policy from time to time. We will post any changes to the MEC website and, if the changes are significant, we may provide a more prominent notice to users such as notification via e-mail. We will also keep prior versions of this Policy posted for your review.
Our treatment of your personal information will be governed by the version of the Policy currently in effect. As a result, please review this Policy on a regular basis and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Prior Versions of this Policy