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Probar Simply Real Bar Chocolate Coconut recall

If you purchased a Probar Simply Real Chocolate Coconut Bar sold by MEC, this product is included in a larger recall announced by Probar and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. One batch of this Probar contained undeclared milk and soy that may pose an allergen risk for anyone sensitive to either of these ingredients. If your Chocolate Coconut Probar has the following best-before date, it may contain milk or soy. You may return it to MEC for refund or exchange.

  • Simply Real Bar (Canada) Chocolate Coconut LOT # and EXP “Best Before Meilleur Avant 20-MA 03-0634” | UPC: 853152800666

Note, the -0634 batch code may or may not be present. Anything with the expiry date of 20-MA 03 should be considered affected.

The best-before date can be found below the ingredients list on the lower back left side of the product. If you can’t find the best-before date, check under the flap of the package as it may partially cover the ingredients list. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has posted information about this recall with pictures of where to locate the best-before date on the packaging.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with our Service Centre at or 1.888.847.0770 (ask for Returns).