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Water bottles to keep you hydrated on every step of the journey

Whether you’re training hard for an upcoming race, making headway on the trail or putting in some rest day R&R, it’s important to stay hydrated. Having a water bottle you like using — and that’s suited to the activity you’re doing — can play a big part in getting your daily litres in.

If you need on-the-go hydration and electrolytes for sports or training, check out sport bottles from brands like Hydrapak, CamelBak and Polar Bottle. These bottles prioritize drink delivery efficiency, and are great for holding water, electrolyte drinks or sometimes even energy gels.

For a classic hiking staple that’s light and transportable when it’s empty, grab a funky-coloured Nalgene water bottle to cover in stickers for instant trail cred. Or if you’re interested in testing out the heavyweight champions of the water bottle tournament bracket, a durable stainless steel Hydro Flask or Yeti might be what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve settled on a water bottle, you’ll want some drinks to fill it with. If you need to replenish your electrolyte supply when you’re on the go, check out energy and recovery drinks and energy gels and chews for a tasty pick-me-up when you’re out hitting the pavement.