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Collapsible bottles

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Stow H2O in a collapsible bottle

For lightweight water transport when you’re running or backpacking, a collapsible water bottle does the trick. Designed to flatten as it empties to save storage space in your pack or hydration vest, a collapsible bottle is great for distance running or lengthy trips into the backcountry where every ounce matters. Here you’ll find options both big and small.

Flasks and bottles for any activity

Not all water storage systems are made alike, so equip yourself with a multitude of size options for different situations. Brands like Platypus and Hydrapak offer sizes ranging from teensy running soft flasks to multi-litre reservoirs, so you’re never caught without hydration when you need it most.

Water filter compatible collapsible bottles ensure you can top up safely when you’re in the bush. But don’t feel like you’re limited to just water — a soft flask will hold your energy and recovery drinks just fine.

Sustainable sippage and filtration tips

Looking for a sustainably made option to add to your hydration kit? Look for a PVC-free collapsible bottle to keep your water taste-free. And if you need to brush up on your water purification know-how, scroll through our guide on water treatment, filters and purifiers to learn more. And just like that, you’re ready to step outside and crush those daily litres.