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Headlamps for hiking and camping

When the sun starts to set, there are plenty of ways to add visibility to your campsite. A camping lantern is a great stationary option to keep an area lit. A flashlight can help you navigate in the dark or go searching for things out of the range of your base of operations. But when you want the hands-free convenience of a lantern paired with the powerful focused beam of a flashlight, a headlamp is the place to turn.

Headlamps are a great solution to evening hikes or midnight bathroom trips – any time you need to find your way around in the dark and keep your hands free in the process. Adjustable straps mean it’s easy to find a comfortable fit (even if you’re putting it on over a hat or helmet). Many models also offer a variety of light settings including bright, dim and strobe options. Lightweight, budget-friendly options start at lower Lumen counts while heavy duty headlamps soar to 500 Lumens and higher (for when the whole forest needs illuminating).

Most headlamps use batteries, but keep an eye out for rechargeable options to save on waste. And if you’re worried about inclement weather, watch for waterproof headlamps that won’t be bothered by a bit of rain.