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Bath and sanitation products

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Bath and sanitation products for a clean and healthy campsite

Staying comfortably clean while you’re camping can feel like a lot. But with the right supplies on hand, you can stay squeaky clean and ready to hit your next hike. Bath and sanitation products help your campsite feel just a bit more sophisticated (not to mention tidy).

Showers, soap and travel toothbrushes are the first tools to reach for when it comes to staying clean. Whether you’ve got access to running water at your campsite or are deep in the backcountry, a little soap can go a long way. And don’t forget your camping towels to dry off afterwards! Hand sanitizer is another great option to kill germs and stay health conscious.

For more bathroom options, check out urination devices and toilet shovels for when a proper toilet isn’t available. Feminine hygiene products are also a great thing to pack to keep yourself comfortable and clean on the go.

It’s always important to be conscious of sun safety when you’re outside, so pick up some sun protection products before you head out – after all, an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure (and your skin will thank you).

Finally, take a look at our anti-chafing gels and lotions when your clothes, shoes, harness or anything else tend to irritate your skin. They’re a great way to help yourself stay comfortable through long days.