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Nature calls

It’s time to discuss the more unglamorous parts of wandering through the great outdoors for days at a time. We’re talking about — you guessed it — waste management. Thrilling stuff, we know, but important, nonetheless.

When you can’t pack out your waste, burying it away from nearby water sources is the next best thing. And regardless of which you’re doing, you’ll find all the right tools for the job right here — toilet trowels for your cathole-digging needs, urination devices to make cleanup a breeze and WAG bags for packing out solid waste. Leaving no trace has never been easier.

Hike, climb and camp responsibly

Whether you’re spending multiple days on the wall or planning your first multi-day hiking trip, it pays to familiarize yourself with Leave No Trace principles. If the concept is new to you, you can check out these articles on 7 ways to camp and hike responsibly and the best ways to get ready for camping season to get yourself up to speed.

The premise of Leave No Trace is essentially this — to keep wild spaces wild so that everyone can enjoy them for years to come. That’s a mission we think everyone can get behind. So, assemble your wilderness toiletry kit and start exploring.