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Camping showers, camping soap & travel toothbrushes

Camping showers, camping soap and travel toothbrushes for hygiene on the go

When you’re in the bush, a few simple necessities added to your pack can keep you feeling fresh and avoid that build-up of dirt, sweat, bug spray, sunscreen and whatever other outdoor grime you come across. Grab a travel organizer to keep your toiletries in a neat package, and you’ll be ready for anything.

Camping showers

From contraptions that fold up into your pocket to full-blown shower tents for the true glamping experience, there’s a wide array of camping showers to keep you bathed while you’re away from home. They offer a more luxurious alternative to wet wipes and make for a much more comfortable wilderness experience. Don’t forget to pack a towel.

Camping soap

Any soap can go camping with you, but soap made for camping is best. For one, they’re made to travel. Camping soaps are also often multipurpose, meaning you can use them to wash your hands, your dishes and even your laundry. Finally, plenty of camping soaps are made with natural ingredients, making them gentler on the world around you.

Travel toothbrushes and toothpaste

This one’s easy; you don’t want to go anywhere without a toothbrush. Grab one that packs up small and some toothpaste (or tablets) to match. Your teeth will thank you.