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Lip balm to keep your lips nourished

Whether it’s blistering sun, frigid cold or stiff winds, the outdoors aren’t always kind to our lips. Instead of spending the day trying to stop yourself from licking them when they’re cracked and dry, lip balm can help smooth those troubles away – and prevent them from happening again.

Most lip balms offer the same general benefits to your lips. They go on smooth and moisturize. They also include ingredients focused on nourishing and softening your lips, helping to fight against chapping over time. Not only does this help prevent dry, cracked lips that can be uncomfortable or even painful, but it keeps your lips looking good, too.

Lips balms come in all different types depending on what you’re looking for. Flavour options allow you to pick according to your preferences. Neutral flavours fly under the radar, while you can enjoy the taste of stronger ones throughout the day. Some lip balms focus on all-natural or hypoallergenic formulas, too, so you can be conscious about what you’re using for your skincare.

Some lip balms even offer SPF protection for those long days out in the sun. When you’d rather avoid getting sunscreen in your mouth, an SPF lip balm is a great alternative that’ll keep you protected.