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Bringer of the flame

Fire is one of the most essential elements for camping and survival, it provides you with light, warmth, and cooking power. Fire starters are a convenient and efficient way to provide yourself with the perks of the flame, they are easy to access and store, improve efficiency when starting a fire and are better for the environment.

Fire starters can be seen in forms such as matches, lighters, fire-lighting gels, ferrocerium rods or magnesium fire starter kits.

Fire starters can be used in many situations while exploring the great outdoors such as starting a campfire to cook your camping food, making a bonfire to help keep everyone warm in the winter nights, or boiling water using your camping stove. Fire starters are also great in emergency situations where you find yourself lost without cell service and you need to create a signal for help.

When using a fire starter, it is important to follow safety guidelines, respect fire regulations, and be mindful of the potential risks associated with fire.

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