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Emergency and survival gear

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Emergency and survival gear to prepare for the unexpected

Things don’t always go according to plan. Extreme weather, animal encounters and accidents of all sorts can throw a wrench into your trip. We might not be able to anticipate these things before they happen, but the right gear can help you be prepared to respond to emergencies.

Emergency essentials

There are a number of tools you can keep on hand to make sure you’re prepared in case of an emergency. Some basics include a whistle, fire starters, matches and lighters and survival kits. The space they take up in your pack is well worth the value they’ll provide if you end up needing them. Rescue tools offer another invaluable set of options for when you need help somewhere remote.

When extreme weather is of concern, consider packing some emergency blankets and bivies or hand and toe warmers to keep yourself warm and protected. And when it comes to keeping yourself and others safe, personal protective face masks are great for crowded areas or social distancing, no matter where you are.

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